About me
Well, what to say about myself (without boring anyone).

Writing has always been a part of me. Photography is my other passion - in 1989 I picked up my first SLR camera and it was love at first sight. That feeling has not diminished with the introduction of digital cameras.

After undertaking a City & Guilds qualification in Photography, I became a professional photographer. My experience has been varied over the years; wedding and portraiture photography, model and artiste images, beauty, as well as being published in various magazines. I intensely enjoy nature photography - not only flowers, but insects, fungi and other subjects that form part of our eco sytem.

I was fortunate to have poetry and short stories first published over twenty years ago. 

Subsequently, together with two other photographers, I compiled and self published a book on the darker side of Cheshire's myths and legends.
(I have my own isbn numbers and an imprint called Raven Manor).

Due to circumstances, writing had to take second place. Photography and jewellery design took up most of my time for many years. Having undertaken my vocational assessor qualifications, and later the PTLLS teaching qualification, I became a tutor.
Additionally articles were published in relation to these occupations. More recently, an article/jewellery project published in a jewellery making magazine, and then a piece for a skin camouflage magazine.
My other projects during this time were two educational DVDs on creating jewellery using silver clay.

After being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2017, I wrote a couple of articles on being newly diagnosed for the Huffington Post.

The 'Rhyme Traveller' idea came from my love of rhyming verse and walking. Myself and exercise always having a mixed relationship, but since the diagnosis it's been even more important to keep myself physically (and mentally) active. What better way than combining everything a way which brings not only pleasure to me, but hopefully to those who follow my adventures.

There have been times in my life, when writing has not been a possibility. Not through any lack of desire, but via those circumstances which are sometimes thrust upon us. Apart from my husband, the true loves of my life always have been writing and photography.
Reading whenever possible, less well known authors stimulate my interest more than the latest works of a famous author. Although saying this, there is always an exception.

In some ways the diagnosis was beneficial, giving me an added incentive to change my life, and do things I have always wanted to, instead of making excuses for not getting stuck into them. Part of which is down to my condition, but I am determined not to give in.

During Covid lockdowns, I've taken the opportunity to enhance my writing skills, with various online courses.  Also undertaking a Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills, and sending a book proposal to agents.

Just a bit about my earlier days and hobbies.

Being born and brought up in areas with Celtic origins, I think I can be classed as a Celt. It was here that I developed a love of the countryside, reading and subsequently writing.

Family research is one of my hobbies and during the early 1990s I wrote a small book about my grandmother and what Britain was like in her early life. Born in 1907 she experienced both world wars. Two years seemed to be swallowed during that period; it is amazing how much time is spent on researching something of great interest.
I find history interesting, ancient legends and its relationship with nature, especially that of Britain and its people.

Not quite finished yet
.... I've always had an interest in the 'alternative' more natural based therapies. So over the years I qualified in aromatherapy, nutrition, and indian head massage. With aromatherapy, my speciality has been creating oils to help muscle aches.