Come with me - the Rhyme Traveller - on various walks I have taken in our wonderful, and fascinating, British countryside; down lanes, in gardens, up hills and along beaches.

Close to the border, between Wales and England, lies the quintessentially British village of Erbistock
Six miles from Wrexham, it nestles close to the River Dee.
This is one of my favourite places for a spot of poetry. It is almost like going back in time.
Beeston Castle

High above the Cheshire plain, eleven miles from Chester heading towards Nantwich.
A place that looks different from every angle, has a magnificent view across the area.
I have climbed to the top a couple of times. Each year there is a re-enactment display.
Maiden Castle, Bickerton

A hillfort situated approximately 5.5 miles South West from Beeston Castle.
There are two main ways to walk up to Maiden Castle, I decided this time to take the steeper route that takes you through Bickerton Woods. Though it can get very muddy in parts during rainy times and it is used quite a bit by dog walkers, some of who don't always take their bags home with them.
Cholmondeley Castle Gardens

This 19th century castle can be found not far from Bickerton.
14.5 miles from Chester and 9 miles from Nantwich.
A place where you can image a fairytale story originating, or remnants of bygone ages.

An ancient Cheshire village close to Beeston Castle, with an impressive church, old mill
and canal locks close by. This another of my favourite local places to visit for inspiration.
The church sits on the highest, an oldest part of Bunbury.
Still retaining an air of its past, which is what makes it such a popular place for a drink in the countryside.
Burton Mere Wetlands

Situated by the Dee Estuary on the Wirral, Cheshire.
A RSPB reserve on land historically reclaimed from the estuary, which has silted up more and more over the years. Long gone are the days when passenger ships sailed this way.
Ness Botanical Gardens, The Wirral, Cheshire

9.7 miles from Chester are Ness Gardens - situated on the Wirral coast.
On this visit to Ness, the radio programme Gardener Question Time was being broadcast from there. I took the opportunity of not only walking around but asking how to take a successful cutting from a very old, and the most gorgeously scented, deep burgandy rose that we have taken from my husband's grandmother's original plant.

A Spring Visit to Ness

The typical early spring winds are here, but there is still beauty to be seen at Ness Gardens. Though barely two hours later I was in the cafe warming my hands around a hot drink!
The Wirral Peninsula

12.9 miles from Chester to Parkgate area of the Wirral.
Parkgate brings back so many memories of my childhood. I can even recall the water coming up to the walls - which in now grassland. There are some lovely walks along parts of the Wirral coast.
Bluebell Cottage Gardens

A hidden gem to be found down a country lane in Dutton, between Runcorn and Northwich, off the A533 in Cheshire. This garden and nursery is not overly commercialised like some; having a more personal feel to it.
If you are looking for somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life - that is here.

Down a Cheshire Country Lane in May

e were so lucky during 'Lockdown' the skies were free of rain clouds and the sun gleamed down upon us.

Cheshire Country Lane in May

Insects I came across enjoying the warmth, though some not always enjoying the bright sunlight hid away deep in the undergrowth.

Dorothy Clive Gardens

Finally full Covid 'Lockdown' is lifted and as a treat it was a visit to these gardens just over the border into Staffordshire - a place called Willoughbridge. I've been here many times in the past but not for the last few years.

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