• My first non-fiction work was an article for a magazine called 'Get Seen' for models.

    Entitled 'Not all photographers are men' - there were not as many female photographers as there are now, especially not photographing models.

    Afterwards I wrote a humorous article for 'Knave' mens magazine.

    Another article / project I wrote for Make Jewellery magazine was entitled 'Line Dancing'.

    This was a silver clay project I was asked to write on using the syringe version. Additionally supplying photos.


  • My most recent article has been published in the magazine for the British Association of Skin Camouflage.

    Entitled ' Image Manipulation'. I was asked to do this piece to highlight the fact that 'just because it can be done, does not mean it should be done' in relation to people who have skin conditions.

  • I also written little pieces to make my websites more interesting over the years. I did have a blog but had so many spam emails that it became impossible time-wise to keep up! In 2018 I started writing blogs for the Huffington Post.

    So I have a facebook page - link subtly at bottom of the page!

  • Not forgetting a new website soon to be launched for both fledgling writers, new authors and readers. A place where all can be part of this wonderful community of words.

    This is a link to more recent work I have produced