• Runaway (one of my first published work)

    A native he would be
    If only he could find
    A place to settle down
    And raise a family

    But they said he had not
    Lived long enough, you see
    To be allowed a native
    Of their fair country

    They took him to the airport
    There to catch a flight
    But he just disppeared
    Into the darkened night

    They searched him high and low
    Nothing could they find
    Just a snag of clothing
    To keep him in their mind.

  • Giving Up Isn't Your Style! (Published in Autumn 1993)

    Life's an illusory circle
    with tests that come once more
    so apparently similar in ways
    that open yet another flaw.
    Everything seems so right
    so you carry on down a path
    only to come against doors
    containing such hidden wrath!

    So full of twist and turns
    which all of a sudden appear.
    Starting events to happen
    that complete your wildest fear.
    Time and time again
    the battle goes on and on
    seemingly fighting those tides
    your thought for a while had gone.

    So tired of fighting, you stop
    and wonder is it worth while
    yet someone there inside you
    says 'Giving up isn't your style'.

  • I have also compiled a small poetry book called 'Little Ditties' and have been writing verse for humorous cards.